We’re Back! Well, sort of…

Back in 2013 we moved from California to Montana; the move marked the end of Indio Lights, or so we thought.  Although we initially said we wouldn’t do lights in Montana – it didn’t take long for the decorating bug to kick in.  We ended up with a beautiful display using unique Montana features including two very large trees.  The display included about 42,000 lights including 20,000 on just two trees. It wasn’t easy setting up a show in terrible cold and windy conditions, and keeping the lights clear of heavy snow was a daily challenge.  Not to mention the two story house with a steep roof.  However, we were embraced by our community and quickly became a Christmas light destination for many families so it was all worth it.  We ran this display for two seasons and with the help of a local corporate match we were able to raise nearly $9,000 for the Great Falls Rescue Mission, enough to provide 4,980 meals for those in need.  We’ll never forget our experience in Montana and just how quickly the community embraced our display.

So now we’re back in California, back to where we created so many great displays over the years.  I guess you can say that Indio Lights is back as well.  This year we aren’t going all out, no light shows, just a nearly static display with a few animations thrown in.  We’ll have 10,000-20,000 lights and will still celebrate the season as we would have in the past.  We invite you to stop by and see our display and give us your ideas for what you’d like to see from Indio Lights in the future.


Lights will be on from 5PM to 10PM daily.   We are not running any shows this year, just some light animation but no synchronization.



Click here to read about how we expect everyone to behave while enjoying our display.  It is very important that we keep our neighbors happy, if they aren’t happy there won’t be a display, so please, pay attention to the rules!

Thanks for visiting us!

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