The End of Indio Lights…

I’m sad to say that there will not be a 2013 Indio Lights display, or any year after that.  The reason for this is simple – we no longer live in the desert – we have moved out of state.  The future is unclear as to whether or not we’ll put up a new display sometime in the future at our new home in Montana.  Hard to think that we could go too many years without setting up a display, but Montana in the winter is significantly different than Southern California and presents a different set of challenges.

Thank you to everyone who has come to visit us in the past and supported our charities.  Even though the lights will not shine at Indio Lights the need for donations still exists, please visit http://www.cvrm.org/ for ways to give.

Thank You!

We made the decision tonight to make it the last night for the show.  We will not be turning the lights on anymore for this year.  After watching traffic patterns and realizing we were seeing less than 20 cards per evening and minimal donations it doesn’t make sense for us to keep the lights on any longer.  The display takes a lot of work to get setup each night (putting out display items that are brought in each night for safety) and also a considerable amount of power, so it’s best for us to consider this year a success and start removing the display.

Our final donations numbers are below.  We will keep our donation sign/bin out until all the lights are down, so donations are still possible!   We were lucky enough to recieve a large donation from one donor in the amount of $300, we’re blessed to have very good friends who believe in our cause.

Cash donations: $473.40

Food: 263 food items totalling 316 pounds.

Donations to both causes will be made this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and made the display a success.  We get the most value out of the conversations we have and the new friends we make while people are enjoying our display.  See you next year!

In memory of….

There are no words that can be expressed when thinking of the victims of he tragedy of today at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.  Tonight we added a new sign to our display, we hope each of you who visit our display and see the sign will take a moment to stop and pray for the families of those killed today.  The sign will remain lit 24/7 through January 1st.

My plan for this week was to complete a sequence for Gangman Style.  As many of you know, this song has become popular for light displays and I thought it would be fun adding this to our playlist.  Unfortunately circumstances at my work, combined with the focus on the sign for the shooting victims, means the song will not be added this weekend as desired.  I will still work on the sequence with the hope to have it running next week.

Hug your loved ones tonight.


Sunday – Thursday: Lights on at 5PM, first show at 5:30 PM, last show at 9:30PM, lights off at 10PM.

Friday – Saturday: Lights on at 4PM, first show at 5PM, last show at 10:30PM, lights off at 11PM.

Currently shows are about 13 minutes long and run every half hour.  At least two more songs will be added before Christmas.


Since the beginning of our animated display we’ve been supporting the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.  The good people at CVRM are doing amazing work and we feel they are a very deserving cause.

This year we’re also trying to support a young couple who are changing their lives and the lives of others by attending Discipleship Training School.  Click here to learn more about Shane and Megan and their journey.

How to donate: as always we have a food collection bin near our large sign, just place your donated food items in the bin, they get collected each night then donated to the mission at the end of the season.  NEW this year is our money collection box, if you’re driving by and don’t have a canned food item in your car we make it easy to give, just drop a dollar or two into the collection box, all money is collected at the end of the evening.  Money donated will be split evenly between the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission and the Shane and Megan Fryer fundraising effort.  WE WILL NOT KEEP ANY MONEY DONATED IN THE COLLECTION BOX – all money will be donated.  Proof of donation will be posted on this site after the money/food items are donated.  A weekly accounting of money donated will also be posted on this site.

It only takes a dollar or two to make a difference.  We aren’t asking for a lot of money, we’re hoping a lot of people will donate a small amount of money, it all adds up.  Hundreds of man hours and many dollars go into making this display a reality, please support our charities if you enjoy what you see.  Don’t forget to take a candy cane, they are hanging on the food bin under the sign.


Click here to read about how we expect everyone to behave while enjoying our display.  It is very important that we keep our neighbors happy, if they aren’t happy there won’t be a display, so please, pay attention to the rules!

Thanks for visiting us!